Hi Jodie and Marco,

"We Bike Tuscany" exceeded our family's most optimistic expectations with five days of fabulous scenery, extraordinary accommodations, and the best wine and food the Tuscan countryside has to offer. You custom designed every aspect of our five day tour which perfectly captured the diverse interests of my wife, three teenagers, and me. You carefully selected bike routes with spectacular vistas that were not challenging, and made allowances for everyone to go at their own pace. Your companionship and camaraderie was an added bonus as well.

Thank you!!


– Nolan Family, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Ciao Marco and Hi Jodie,

We enclosed a few photos of us on our bikes, and a couple of the two of you. Hope it is cooler in Tuscany than here in Chicago on the 4th of July (100 degrees F today, supposed to be hotter tomorrow!) We decided not to bike in the heat here.

Hope all is well. We are enjoying looking at all the great pictures from Italy and re-living our wonderful trip with the two of you.

Darlene and Barry

– Darlene & Barry Bikshorn, Chicago IL, USA

Thanks Marco,

... for making our honeymoon an unforgettable great start to our marriage! Babbie and I couldn't have had a better time thanks to you and the tour. The fact that we were able to get out into the country side and small towns gave us the true feeling of Tuscany. We look forward to our next tour!

Also, as I mentioned, if you are ever in the States and are near Aspen, Kansas City or Birmingham then let us know. We would love to host you!

Thanks again,

Jon and Babbie

– Jon and Babbie Styslinger, Birmingham - Alabama, USA

I just want to reiterate what Gail Hoerr already said to you, but our bike trip with you last week was most certainly the highlight of the trip for me! I saw Steve Runkle the other day (he rode with you last Tuesday), and he, too, said the bike trip was the highlight of his trip. You run a wonderful business, and I appreciate your accommodating us with our different opinions. It was especially nice to be able to add ten miles to our ride. Thanks again for a great day! I have already begun spreading your name to others.

– Jennifer Vettel


I have very much enjoyed the biking experience. I love the beauty of Tuscany’s countryside and charm of the people. The trip has been great. Love your smile and your humor and would have enjoyed biking with you more. All the best,

– Betty

We had a spectacular time with you biking in Tuscany. We had a wonderful honeymoon and saw many beautiful sights in Venice, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, but the best part of the trip was biking with you. We saw so much by riding rather than driving through the towns and country. We'll be back and we'll see more of Tuscany with your company.

– Mitch & Amy Merin, New York, U.S.A.