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Wherever you are staying in Tuscany we can design your bike rides using your location as a base.

We have availability of high quality Italian make carbon frame road bikes for the most discerning and experienced riders.

Send us an email and we will get back to you with itineraries and ideas to make your vacation in Italy unforgettable.


Edite Tsevi, Jerusalem, Israel


Hi Marco & Jodie,

Thanks for making our four day Val D'Orcia Dream Casual Tour memorable beyond our expectations. All that was promised was delivered and more!!! Robin, Lian and I were smiling ear to ear the whole time!

Jodie, as our pre-ride contact person, helped us pick the right tour for our budget and scheduling needs. And Marco, your expert advice gave me the confidence needed to enjoy the biking, Tuscan style. You tailored this private tour to our capabilties and gave us red carpet treatment! I hope to book with you again in the future. By the way, my husband's brother and girlfriend had a great ride around Florence with Elena on one of your single-day tours this last week and I was envious!

Thanks again for a wonderful bike trip and remember your invitation to stay with us in Jerusalem.

Edite Tsevi, RD

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We just got back from Italy yesterday and I must tell you that our bike trip with you and Jodi was my most favorite day of all! I can't get the beautiful scenery and towns out of my head. The wine tour and tasting was like something out of a storybook!

We all truly enjoyed getting to know you and Jodie for the day. You were great (and didn't even make Tom and I feel guilty when we hitched a ride up the tough hills!)

Tell Jodie we all said hello and if you are ever in Pittsburgh, give us a call! THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES!

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Dana & Beth Brome, Hartford, CT, USA


Happiest Greetings Marco,

Beth and I have gotten all settled back in the U.S. but we continue to keep our glow from our wonderful trip to Florence. One thing we both agree on is that meeting and hanging out with you was certainly a highlight of the trip being able to see the country through your eyes.

Well….I hope you are busy again (but not too busy)….with all the flights back in action. I look forward to hearing from you when you have a couple of slow minutes so I can tell the world how great you and your perfect little business really are!!

All the best,


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