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Wherever you are staying in Tuscany we can design your bike rides using your location as a base.

We have availability of high quality Italian make carbon frame road bikes for the most discerning and experienced riders.

Send us an email and we will get back to you with itineraries and ideas to make your vacation in Italy unforgettable.


Roland Pohlman, Ann Arbour - MI, USA


Guys, Just wanted to say thanks for a phenomenal week!!! I was excited to be included and hope I didn't let you all down (too much).

Not to get too sappy but it really was a pleasure to be thrown into the mix with all of you. Bobbie, thanks for making it happen. Dave, thanks for giving me something to strive for in my training. Hugh, thanks for taking me under your wing. Mike, thanks for putting up with my snoring. Greg, thanks for the tips and support along the way. Ben, thanks for the company up those hills. And Glenn, thanks for all the laughs. You guys were great!

Hope we can do it again!


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Amy Zielinsky, New York, U.S.A.


I just got back yesterday from the rest of my wonderful trip.The bike ride in the hills was definitely one of the best highlights of my vacation. Thanks again for a wonderful time.

I would like to come back one day for another, longer ride!

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Jeff and Janet Glew, Beverly, MA, USA


We are back in USA but more than a little sad to be truthful. Our Italy vacation seemed too short. Just as Janet and I were getting into our Latin Groove, bingo, the dance was over. After we left you in Florence, we had a great few days in Cinque Terre and then in Venice. But most of all, our fondest memories are from Tuscany, especially the bike ride with you. Take care, keep up the good work.

Jeff and Janet Glew

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